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10+ Million Google Searches for “IRS Stimulus Check Portal” on Wednesday

I think I might be the only one who finds these numbers so interesting but oh well, here they are anyway.

Well Played Apple…

#1 Google search on Wednesday, April 15th was “IRS STIMULUS CHECK PORTAL” with over 10 million searches. Following in at #2 was Apple’s new “Iphone SE” with over 1 million Google searches.

The money looks like it’s going to the households that need it most, as America’s 14 lowest median household income states accounted for nearly 50% of all IRS stimulus check portal Google searches.

IRS stimulus check portal
Top 5 U.S. states with the most IRS stimulus check portal Google searches.

Income Statistics by State

The table below shows 2017 Census ACS state income statistics ranked by median household income.

USA lowest median household income